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Congratulations on being selected to participate in the 68th Annual Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Please understand that upon return of this acceptance form you have obligated yourself to participate in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament unless illness or injury prevents you from doing so.  The P.I.T. takes great strides to ensure that your trip to Portsmouth is an enjoyable opportunity.  Since we pay for transportation, lodging and food for each player it is imperative that you complete and return this acceptance form as quickly as possible so that necessary arrangements can be made.  Due to the expenses we incur, we once again remind you that your acceptance obligates you to participate with exception of illness or injury.

The PIT will reimburse you for your flight upon arrival at the PIT Headquarters Hotel.  Please be aware that, should you decide to cancel your participation in the tournament, the PIT will not reimburse you for your airfare. After making your travel arrangements it is important that you forward a copy of your itinerary to us. The airport used for all player flights to and from the P.I.T. is the Norfolk International Airport. Transportation to the hotel after arrival, as well as to the airport after the tournament, will be provided by the P.I.T..

Note to Players with Remaining NCAA Eligibility (e.g., 4th-Year Seniors who have one year of NCAA eligibility remaining due to the NCAA’s decision in the Fall of 2020 to grant all men’s basketball players at that time one extra year of eligibility due to COVID-19):


Please be advised that, due to NCAA rules governing the NBA pre-Draft process, participating in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament may adversely impact a college player’s ability to return to college to compete in NCAA Men’s Basketball during the 2022-23 season or any subsequent season.  Thus, prior to accepting an invitation to participate in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, college players who wish to preserve the option of returning to college for the 2022-23 season should consult with their head coach and the compliance department at their educational institution to discuss how their remaining NCAA eligibility may be impacted by participation in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.

Please hit the "Submit" button after completing the above form. Your acceptance is not considered complete and you will not be placed on the tournament roster until all of the information requested on this form is received.

Please have the following items with you upon arrival to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament:

  • Shoes and Practice Gear

    • The P.I.T. provides game uniforms but players are required to bring their own shoes and practice shirts and shorts.

  • Dress Clothes for Celebrity Luncheon

    • All players will attend the P.I.T. Celebrity Luncheon on Friday, April 15.

  • Picture ID and Insurance Card

Upon hitting the "Submit" button you agree to the following:

I accept your invitation to play in the 68th Annual Portsmouth Invitational Tournament on April 13-16, 2022.  I commit myself to participate unless illness or injury precludes me from playing.  I further certify that I have not been “paid to play” in any basketball game or tournament in accordance with NCAA By-Laws 2-3(I).

The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament reserves the right to rescind this invitation if the namant is identified in any criminal, legal or educational institution (ex: NCAA, NAIA, Institution, Athletic Department) disciplinary action.

I agree to hold harmless Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Foundation, Inc. for any injuries which I may sustain as a result of my participation in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament held in Portsmouth, VA on April 13-16, 2022.

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